How I Shortened my Shower Curtain - シャワーのカーテンを短くする方法




I have been looking for the way to shorten shower curtains because I thought the number one reason the curtain gets moldy is that curtains are too long and cannot get dry soon enough. Of course, I could cut the curtain shorter and hem it but I am too lazy to do so.

Well, I had to replace my shower curtain hooks, so I went to IKEA and I found a solution. They didn't have a good selection, so I went to the regular curtain section and bought curtain clips. Then I realized it is easy to adjust the length of the curtain by folding the top of the curtain as you can see in my first photo. The curtain definitely dries faster and I haven't had mildew lately. The curtain is easy to remove for washing which should also help prevent mildew.

8:15:11curtain1 8:15:11curtain2