学生のためのレシピ ー スープ (英文)

I found two pieces of bacon in the back of my freezer, so I decided to make a soup. First, cut the bacon in small pieces and cook in a pot. You don’t want to brown too much but want to get rid of the fat as much as possible. Drain the fat and to the same pot add soup stock and some veggies - possibly any bits of left over from your fridge.

The whole point of this recipe is that you can make decent soup if you have some bacon. So when I cook bacon for a breakfast, I freeze two or three slices for the future use - could be for another breakfast or soup.


Chicken Dinner

An easy dinner for students. Buy a whole roasted chicken at Costco. You only make the condiment which include thinly sliced green onions, minced fresh ginger, sesame seed oil, and pinch of salt. The amount of salt should be minimum sincethe chicken is already seasoned. The inspiration is from a chicken dish I had in a Chinese restaurant. I don't remember the name but the chicken was hardly seasoned and this condiment came with it, and it was so good.



スープを向上させる方法ー Improving Boring Soups

缶詰などに入ったスープは簡単で助かるのですが、何回も食べていると飽きてきます。というわけで、今回はインド料理系のレリッシュの一種、Hot Limeというのを少し入れてみました。変哲もない Chiken Noodle Soupが、辛味も加わって美味しくなりました。

8:30:15soup1 8:30:15soup2

Eggplant Pickles Recipe/なすの一夜漬け

Slice a Japanese eggplant and add some salt. Keep in a sealed container and rest in the fridge overnight. The next day, squeeze out the excess water and serve with small amount of soy sauce. You may want to add some sesame seeds or katsuobushi.



白菜のスープ ー Simple Recipe for Students, Nappa Cabbage Soup


お鍋に、水、Better Than Bouillon (チキンスープのもと) 、残り物のチキンの細切れ、白菜を入れて炊いただけのスープです。


I thought I was catching a cold so I made some soup. Heat water in a pot and add some Better Than Bouillon, chicken flavor (concentrated soup base). Swanson canned chicken broth is mostly water these days, so I am using this instead.

You cannot see it, but I added some leftover cooked chicken (cut into small pieces) to improve the flavor. Cut nappa cabbage into about one inch wide. Cook until the nappa is tender. Adjust the taste with salt and pepper.

You may use regular cabbage. including carrots would be much healthier but you have to cook them first and add the cabbage later.

中国風おかゆのレシピ ー Leftover Rice Congee (Rice Gruel) for Students


Leftover Rice Congee (Rice Gruel) for Students
1 serving

1/2 Cup Rice
3/4 Cup Water
1/2 tsp Better than Bouillon
(if you don't know, please Google)
Thinly sliced scallions for garnish

Place all the ingredients except garnish together in a pot and simmer for 10 minutes.
If you have less time, you may need less water.
Longer you cook the congee gets softer and needs more water.


The congee tastes much better if you use home-made chicken stock. The color comes out a bit too yellow but if you don't have anything better, this should do. Green onions improve this dish a lot.

学生時代のスープ ー College Day Soup


One of the students in my drawing class in college about 30 years ago, shared this recipe in the class. I made it several times at that time and totally forgot about it. My daughter is applying for colleges, and I remembered about it and decided to recreate.


レシピ (1〜2人分)

 チキンストック      2カップ(3カップ?)
 玉ねぎ角切り       適量
 じゃがいも角切り     適量
 キャベツ手でちぎった物  適量
 しょうがパウダー     少々
 卵            1個弱
 塩こしょう        少々


For one or two persons, cook chopped onions and cubed potatoes in 2 cups of chicken stock. Add salt, pepper, ground or minced ginger (or powder ginger) to taste. After the onions and potatoes are cooked, add coarsely chopped cabbage, then slowly add one or less beaten egg to boiling broth. Ginger and egg are strange in the soup particularly with cabbage, but they work together well.


Art Blog by:Kazumi


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